Ultimate Triangle Calculator

Length of Side a:
Length of Side b:
Length of Side c:
Angle A:  
Angle B:  
Angle C:  
Area: Perimeter:
Circumscribed Circle Radius: Inscribed Circle Radius:
Height of a: Height of b:
Height of c: Angle Bisector of a:
Angle Bisector of b: Angle Bisector of c:
Median of a: Median of b:
Median of c:  

Input The coordinates of the three points of the triangle calculate:

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A :  
B :  
C :  

The utlimate triangle calculator can solve all of triangle problems. The triangle is a basic shapes in geometry, We always write it as △ABC. It has three vertices A, B, and C and three sides.

The Ultimate triangle calculator is very powerful. When you have 3 parameters of triangle 1. all 3 sides, 2. side-angle-side, 3. angle-side-angle, 4.all 3 angles, type them in, then you will get area, perimeter, Circumscribed Circle Radius, Inscribed Circle Radius, and so on.

For example, Length of Sides a = 3, b = 4, c = 5, then The calculator will give the result:

Angles A = 36.8699, B = 53.1301, C = 90. Area = 6, Perimeter = 12

Circumscribed Circle Radius = 2.5, Inscribed Circle Radius = 1

Height of a = 4, b = 3, c = 2.4.

Angle Bisector of a = 4.2164, b = 2.9814, c = 1.8856.

Median of a = 6.0415, b = 5.099, c = 3.5355.

If you want to calculate a triangle, you must enter thoese variables AAA is Angle, Angle, Angle, or AAS is Angle, Angle, Side, or ASA is Angle, Side, Angle, or ASS (or SSA) is Angle, Side, Side

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