Circle Sector, Segment, Chord and Arc Calculator

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Radius & Segment Height ED Radius & Apothem OE

Radius and Central Angle Radius & Chord AB

Radius & Arc ADB

Chord AB & Segment Height ED Chord AB & Apothem OE

Segment Height ED & Apothem OE Chord AB & Arc ADB

Significant Figures >>>

Lines OA and OB is radius of circle.

Lines AB is one chords of circle.

The angle AOB is central angle.

Line OE is the apothem.

The curved line ADB is arc of the circle.

The area of a segment equals Sector Area - Triangle AOB Area

Line ED is the segment height .

The area AOBD is a sector.

Length of the arc ADB = (Central Angle / 180°) * π * r

Area of the sector AOBD = (Angle AOB / 360°) * π * r²

The ADBD area is the segment. provides you helpful and handy calculator resources.