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The body surface area (BSA) is to calculate surface area of a human body.

There are many ways to calculate the body surface area. There are five formulas below show how to calculate BSA.

Body surface area (BSA) formula

DuBois & DuBois Formula: bsa = 0.20247 × height (m)0.725 x weight (kg)0.425

Mosteller Formula: bsa = √height (cm) × weight (kg) /60

Haycock Formula: bsa = 0.024265 x height (cm)0.3964 x weight (kg)0.5378

Boyd Formula: bsa = 0.0003207 x height (cm)0.3 x weight (g)0.7285 - (0.0188 x log(weight))

Gehan and George Formula: bsa = 0.0235 x height (cm)0.42246 x weight (kg)0.51456

Where BSA is in m2, H is height in cm, and W is weight in kg. provides you helpful and handy calculator resources.