Four or Five Band Resistor color code calculator

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This calculator solves for 4, 5 band resistors and is quite simple to use. First:Select a Band Resistor, Second click and select color

To distinguish left from right there is a gap between the C and D bands.

  • band A is first significant figure of component value (left side)
  • band B is the second significant figure (Some precision resistors have a third significant figure, and thus five bands.)
  • band C is the decimal multiplier
  • band D if present, indicates tolerance of value in percent (no band means 20%)

For example, a resistor with bands of yellow, violet, red, and gold will have first digit 4 (yellow in table below), second digit 7 (violet), followed by 2 (red) zeros: 4,700 ohms. Gold signifies that the tolerance is ±5%, so the real resistance could lie anywhere between 4,465 and 4,935 ohms. provides you helpful and handy calculator resources.