Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator

I want to calculate
Permittivity (ε): F/m
Length of Conductors (L): m
Outer Conductor Diameter (b): m
Inner Conductor Diameter (a): m
Capacitance (C): F

Cylindrical Capacitor Formula

To Inner Conductor Diameter : a = b/e (2π L/C)

To Outer Conductor Diameter : b = ae (2πL/C)

Length of Conductors : L = Cln(b/a)/2π ε

To Permittivity : ε = Cln (b/a)/2πL

To Capacitance : C = 2π εL/In( b/a)

Where, ε = Permittivity, C = Capacitance, b = Outer Conductor Diameter, L = Length of Conductors, a = Inner Conductor Diameter. provides you helpful and handy calculator resources.