BJT Transistor Bias Voltage Calculator

Base Bias Type
RB (Base resistor)
(K ohms) 
VB (Bias Voltage)
RC (Collector resistor) (K ohms) 
RE1 (Emitter resistor 1) Bypassed (K ohms) 
RE2 (Emitter resistor 2) Gain control (K ohms) 
VP (Supply Voltage) (V)
Beta (DC Current Gain)
VBE (Base to emitter drop) (V)
Rs (Source Resistance): (ohms)
RL (Load resistor) (ohms) 
fT (Current Gain BW Product): Optional (MHz)
CCB (Collector-Base Cap.): Optional   (pF)
CBE (Base-Emitter Cap.): Optional   (pF)

Vc (Collector Voltage) (V) 
Ve (Emitter Voltage) (V) 
Vb (Base Voltage) (V) 
Ic (Collector Voltage) (mA) 
Ib (Base Voltage) (mA) 
gm (Transconductance)
rπ (Input Resistance of BJT, , at low freq)
  Cut off region

CE (Common Emitter) Configuration Parameters

A (Amplifier Voltage Gain)
Rin (ohms)
CMCE (Miller Capacitance) (pF)
RO ohms

CC (Common Collector) Configuration Parameters

A (Amplifier Voltage Gain)
Rin (ohms)
RO ohms

Given the base voltage, and the supply voltage, and all of the resistor values to find all of the bias values of the transistor circuit, . provides you helpful and handy calculator resources.