Doppler Effect Approaching Receiver Calculator

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Source Frequency(f0) = Hz
Receiver Velocity(ur) = m/s
Wave Velocity(v) = m/s
New Frequency of Approaching Receiver(f') = Hz

The Doppler effect/shift is the change in frequency of a wave moving relative to its source. the received frequency is higher during the approach.

Doppler Effect Approaching Receiver formula

New Frequency of Approaching Receiver: f'=f0(1+ur/v)

where v = Wave Velocity, ur = Receiver Velocity, f0 = Source Frequency, f' = New Frequency of Approaching Receiver.

For example, when Source Frequency(f0) = 12Hz, Receiver Velocity(ur) = 2 m/s, Wave Velocity(v) = 2 m/s, Then New Frequency of Approaching Receiver(f') = 24Hz. provides you helpful and handy calculator resources.