4th Root Calculator in batch

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4th Root:

In mathematics, The 4th root is a specialized form know as a radicals calculator.

In the nth root, n is the degree of the root, x is the number you want to get. it's common form is:

Common nth root form:

When n is 4, it is 4th root.

For example: 4th Root: 21/4 = ±1.189207
4th Root: 31/4 = ±1.316074
4th Root: 41/4 = ±1.414214

If you want to get a group of numbers' 4th root, Input the numbers like "2,3,4,5,6", Click "calculate" button, the result will be "±1.189207, ±1.316074, ±1.414214, ±1.495349, ±1.565085".

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