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The Percentage Change Calculator Given two numerical quantities, it quantify the change from Number A to Number B, the result will express an increase or decrease.

The Percentage Change Calculator formula:

their difference, Δ = |A - B|,
Percentage Change = Δ/A

For example, From 3 To 5, Δ=2, Percentage Change = 2/3 = 66.66666666666667%, Because A is bigger than B, so it is Increase

For example, from 23 to 32:

  1. The formula for finding percentage change is ((V2 - V1) - |V1|) × 100, where V1 is the original value and V2 is the new value.
  2. First subtract V2 by V1. In this case the result is 9.
  3. Next, divide 9 by the absolute value of V1 (23). The result of this step is 0.391304.
  4. Finally, multiply 0.391304 by 100 to get the percentage change: 39.1304%. provides you helpful and handy calculator resources.