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Exponentiation is a mathematical operation, written as bn = a, when know the base b and the result a, you want know the exponent (or power) n, This calculator could help you.

For instance, 3n = 9, 3 raised to the n power equals 9. Enter 3 and 9, then click "calculate" button, will solve for the exponent n, result n = 2.

3 n = 8, Result n = 1.892789260714372.

For example, 2 n = 3, to find n:

  1. Since the equation will remain the same if you alter it equally on both sides, you can rewrite the equation by taking the log of both sides: log(2 ^ X) = log(3).
  2. Now you may rewrite this to: X * log(2) = log(3).
  3. Afterwards, divide each side by log(2) to make the equation appear like this: X = log(3) / log(2).
  4. Since log(3) equals 1.098612 and log(2) equals 0.693147, the above equation is equivalent to X = 0.109861 / 0.693147.
  5. Perform the division problem to find your answer. In this case, X = 1.584963.
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